Want to collaborate on a custom felt sculpture? I do!

Needle felted figurines make wonderful gifts for yourself and others. Fill out this form so we can get the felt ball rolling!

Commissions start at $150 and typically take 2 to 3 weeks to produce. Animals, food, plants, and characters from pop culture make great subjects, but anything is possible. Read more about the process below.

Name *
What do you want to make? Tell me if it's an animal, object, character from pop culture, etc. Be as specific as possible, and include details such as size, color, pose, accessories and surface decoration.

How do commissions work?
Use the form above to start a conversation about your custom needle felted piece. Include as many details as possible so I can accurately estimate cost and production time. We will continue the discussion via email, and once we are in agreement about the scope and logistics, I will send you an invoice via Stripe. Once your payment has been processed, I will begin production on your sculpture.

How long does it take?
Please allow 2-3 weeks for production. Many factors can affect production time, including the number of attachments, accessories, and the amount of surface decoration. I may also need to order wool if I do not already have the right colors in stock. If you need your sculpture sooner, let me know in your message, and I will do my best to accommodate your timeline.

How much does it cost?
Custom felt pieces start at $150 for small, simple sculptures, but prices will depend on size, detail, and surface decoration. The larger or more complex the project, the higher your cost will be.

What can (and can’t) we make?
Animals work great, as do some food, objects and characters from pop culture, especially animated media and video games. I work in a simplified style and do not make realistic looking sculptures. Human characters are not currently in my scope, but I’m willing to try anything in a more stylized, minimal way.

Still have questions?
Email me at shop@ketchup-mustard.com.